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Thema: "Does anyone know who moderates this game any more?"

General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Sa, 16.3.19 5:45:09:
I want to keep this game is going for years to come. Does anyone know how to get in-touch with the current game moderator?
"This is new Lumis!"
knautschzone, Di, 16.4.19 20:50:35: ?
General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Mi, 17.4.19 7:17:33:
Tried it. No response. Maybe he does not like me?
"This is new Lumis!"
Heinz Erhardt, Mi, 17.4.19 9:06:10:
He propably has other things to worry about. However, what would you like him to do?
General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Fr, 19.4.19 7:14:12:
Well, if I may, I don't really need him to do anything but keep the game up. I experienced a 3 or 5 day period 2 games ago where the game ended but no matter what I did i could not access even the login page. I only wish to know if he had abandoned the game due to fiances or neglect. I only wish to help. I love the game so much.
"This is new Lumis!"
knautschzone, Fr, 19.4.19 16:09:32:
and ?

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