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Länder: Albanien, Belgien (1), Bosnien und Herzegowina (6), Bulgarien, Dänemark, Deutschland (13), Estland (8), Finnland, Frankreich (2), Griechenland, Grönland, Großbritannien (1), Irland (1), Island, Italien (3), Kosovo (1), Kroatien (1), Lettland, Litauen (1), Luxemburg (2), Mazedonien, Moldawien (1), Montenegro, Niederlande, Norwegen, Österreich (3), Polen (2), Portugal, Rumänien (2), Russland (5), Schweden, Schweiz (1), Serbien, Slowakei, Slowenien, Spanien, Tschechische Republik, Türkei, Ukraine, Ungarn, Weißrussland, Zypern

Thema: "we must destroy the threat that is tra"

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unbekannt, Sa, 5.3.05 15:16:39:

we must! before they get to starong i have lost a lot of assets in germany. They are like a unstoppable machine, and if we dont stop them they will overpower the rest of the world!!! we must act now!!!
unbekannt, So, 6.3.05 0:38:39:

allies, if you will be friendly, you can gather stuff in the solomons..but then they are far out of the way...
unbekannt, So, 6.3.05 0:39:31:

well we would be friendly besids the fact that you are at war with system lords
unbekannt, So, 6.3.05 4:23:14:

who said i was? they only canceled the alliance....other than that, i have no plans to on them anytime soon, or drive my s on them today...but whatever, besides, i don't like tra as much as you, and they took my beloved falkland islands from me! but i will get them back, they will see, i will take them down! into the ground!
well...that the falklands...
unbekannt, Mo, 7.3.05 0:30:04:

there base is in europe anyway down with TRA
unbekannt, Mo, 7.3.05 1:28:37:

i agree! kill them all!
First Lieutenant Crosshair, Mo, 7.3.05 3:31:48:

sounds good
LA-DEE-Fricken Da
Sokar, Di, 8.3.05 3:55:44:

The TRA is our common enemy, they must be destroyed, and we must be merciless in doing so.
The question is not 'why?'; the question is 'why not?'
unbekannt, Di, 8.3.05 10:26:02:

Ladies and gentlemen.
Our Resistance Force is spread all over the world.
The Illuminti fight since the beginning of time against the Regime of the TRA.
Join our forces in a glory battle, in a holy fight against the evil.
This is the time, to make decisions.
You can take your own future in your hands and save the world from the dark might, growing in that Regime.
You are the last hope for democraty, freedom and eternity.
You can decide. Now.
Join the Resistance against TRA.
The Illunminti are with you.
unbekannt, Di, 8.3.05 22:03:58:

Power to the People. Rock On Bro!
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